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techno_gypsy in treeleaves

"The British Tree Leaf" Festival Tent: 2001-Present

"The British Tree Leaf"
a.k.a. The Tree Leaves' Merchanting or Bodypainting Camp Tent

2001 C.E. to Present. :

It was in 2001 that Sir Thomas Leaf was blessed with this new festival tent. The tent was created by the infamous seamstress "Bonefinder" for Leaf in Vancouver, British Columbia. It consists of a historic British Columbia Forestry Shelter Tent extended and expanded with canvas, velcro flaps, door ties, and patching by Bonefinder. Long dowel tent poles with recycled plastic bottle tops hold up the tent, while split 1x1 end poles hold up the corners and flaps, staked and corded with rope and rebar stakes. It is an easy to setup up tent with another person, and about a 30 minute chore for a single person. It has served Leaf well and while it has sustained damage from a tornado at Starwood, high wind rips at several Burning Man festivals, and mold damage from East coast festivals, it still stands and serves the Techno-Gypsie travels.

Burning Man:
"Tree Leaves Body Painting Station at Black Rock City" - Burning Man 2003, Burning Man 2004, Burning Man 2006, Apogaea 2008, Burning Man 2008, Apogaea 2009
, Burning Man 2010.

For five (unconsecutive) years, Leaf McGowan has been setting up a Body Painting theme station at Burning Man. This camp, consists of a shelter, water, tables, chairs, stools, throw sheets, pillows, mirrors, and approximately $300-500 worth of paints / art supplies that visitors to the station can use to paint themselves, paint one another, or be painted by Leaf when he's in camp. This is Leaf's gift to Black Rock City every year that he goes as Black Rock City is a non-commercial event and community, where everyone brings gifts and excess to share. As an example, while Leaf shares his paints and art; his neighbour down the corner might have a soft freeze ice cream parlor where a visitor to that camp could bring a cup or bucket and have free ice cream pumped into it for them, or one of several hundred bar camps where a visitor just needs to bring a cup to get a free fill of alcoholic drinks, beer, or wine. Another camp may offer free massages or baths, scalp massages, or poetry, rollerskating rink or a ride. Because at Burning Man, it is a gift economy. It is a true meaning of what community should be mixed with self-reliance and self sustainability. Sharing of resources when one has excess, gifting gifts because one wants to, and making another happy or content. That is Burning Man.

Adaptable to any festival, the Tree Leaves' Bodypainting Tent becomes a festival booth at other festivals, such as those with a commercial nature. Underneath this shelter can be found tables of arts, crafts, herbs, books, paintings, artwork, faerie figurines, collectible rocks, and Leaf doing tarot readings or bodypainting. Sometimes, if you are lucky, one evening at a festival, you might be blessed with one of his magic shows. Other evenings you might find a nice space to chill and chat, exchange stories, music, or art.

Testing the layout of the theme camp for Burning Man 2010: (8/29/10 at the Hobbit Hole Cottage)

setting up the tent


testing camp layout

camp setup trial


final approximation of camp

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